SparkCMS 0.3.0

I just uploaded another revision with (mostly) framework related updates. This revision boosts a complete change of all output methods. Although better generation times may be noticed, most importantly this made a completely different model for server side caching possible. The update also fixes some validation issues with the "Pre-generated output" message and adds some configuration/output options to <title> tags.

SparkCMS 0.2.1

I've finalized the changes to the URI structure I warned about in the previous release post. To minimize any future linking problems I'm uploading a new version with this as the only changes. Hence this quick update and short posting.

New sparks, new blog

I've just uploaded a new version of Spark CMS to eVirtus!net. No really major (visible) updates this time either, several smaller bug fixes and improvements have been implemented though. Though with the upload comes several modifications to the sites design and a separate blog service status notifications have been created.

SparkCMS 0.2.0

I've just uploaded a new version of Spark CMS to eVirtus!net. Other than the occasional bug fixes, the only new features that's visible is the inclusion of AccesKey definitions and relational notation for menu links. The most important major features includes server side caching of output, client side support for "304/Not Modified" and vastly improved doc type handling.

Days become weeks

Firstly I must deny the rumours of my death ;-) I'm by all means very much alive. I guess it's my own fault for doing this [redesign] live. So for a fast explanation of how a "couple of days" became more like three weeks I just have to say that in the middle of the process I decided to (and later have rewritten) the entire CMS. Though the last week mostly has been lost due to the fact that I've been sick, I have by no means been derailed from the development of this site!

Valid commenting

Mostly due to implementing the newly created email validation regexp, the comment validation of the blog/CMS software has been improved upon a bit. Not only is the email validation drastically improved, but other (more subtle) improvements connected to the usage of the original regexp have found its way into the process as well.

Yet another aggregator

Just to spike your curiosity I thought I'd blog something about the new software project I'm working on. Don't remember exactly when I started on it, but I can see from the file time stamps that there's files created in March. It's not a revolutionary new concept, but I feel I have several new ideas that will make for a special app. That's why I'm creating yet another feed aggregator...

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