SparkCMS 0.3.35

A few hours ago version 0.3.35 of SparkCMS was rolled out. Most importantly this release contains fixes for some bugs and annoyances that had snuck into SparkCMS, though I'm happy to report that it also introduces compatibillity (for the RTE) with Opera 9.5.

SparkCMS 0.3.34

As sites hosted by eVirtus!net have been migrated to new servers, they've also been migrated to version 0.3.34 of SparkCMS. Nearly no new features or functionality, basically it just has some tweaks to facilitate/ease the transition to the new servers.

Welcome home

After all the problems we've been experiencing with our (now) previous hosting provider, eVirtus!net has moved its hosted bits'n'bytes to a new hosting facility. All hosted sites have been moved and should allready be enjoying the improved performance and reliabillity, this post marks the start of the transition for eVirtus!net.

Web server issues

The last few days we've experienced various and returning problems with two of the web servers we utilize, this has resulted in some sites hosted by eVirtus!net being unavailable at times. Unfortunately the problems are out of our direct control, though we are actively working with our service providers to resolve the problems.

New servers online

Since the previous server update posted on this blog, five new servers have been added to the web hosting cluster eVirtus!net utilizes. The servers are a mixture of http servers, a db server and lastly a new mail server.

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