SparkCMS 0.3.29

After two days testing, failures and debugging here on eVirtus!net, version 0.3.29 of SparkCMS have been rolled out. Although sporting a variety of smaller changes, the obvious "big news" are that commenting for blog posts have been enabled.

SparkCMS 0.3.28

After sucessfully testing the new code here on eVirtus!net, all servers running SparkCMS was earlier today updated to version 0.3.28. Most changes in this version are rather subtle, mostly consisting of "for future use" functionality, bug fixes and some minor tweaks to exsisting features.

SparkCMS 0.3.27

Since last friday (the 31st of August), version 0.3.27 of SparkCMS have been running in debug mode here on eVirtus!net. The obvious "big news" being support for feeds, though the update comes with several other important bug fixes and improvements.

SparkCMS 0.3.26

After testing it here on eVirtus!net for about 24h, all servers running SparkCMS have been updated to version 0.3.26. This version comes with a couple of bug fixes and some minor enhancements to the login functionality.

SparkCMS 0.3.25

After running in debug mode a couple of days, all servers running SparkCMS have just been fully upgraded to version 0.3.25. Amongst the many minor changes, the most notable news with this version is the inclusion of a new insert/edit image dialog.

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