SparkCMS 0.3.24

About an hour ago, the CMS running eVirtus!net was upgraded to version 0.3.24. Most notable news regarding this version is a complete rewrite of the SIM features, this should give a small performance boost as well as be easier to work with inside the RTE.

SparkCMS 0.3.23

A couple of minutes ago, all servers running SparkCMS was upgraded to release 0.3.23. Allthough sparse of new features, this update should make some sense if you're using <object>'s or tagging links with relations.

SparkCMS 0.3.22

All servers running SparkCMS have during the day been upgraded (to release 0.3.22b). The signifant news this release is a complete framework for including custom written features. Amongst the many other minor changes, the inclusion of three new services to the inline video module might be worth mentioning.

SparkCMS 0.3.21

Just finished uploading a new version (0.3.21) to all servers running SparkCMS. This is a minor update, mostly to address UI and/or display issues with the RTE editor. As usual, there a couple of minor bug fixes as well.

SparkCMS 0.3.20

Tuesday morning, after running about twelve hours( here at eVirtus!net, the hosted version of SparkCMS was updated (to version 0.3.20). Two months after the last update, a new version was finally rolled onto the servers earlier today.

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