Welcome home (Redux)

After all the problems we've been experiencing with our (now) previous hosting provider, eVirtus!net have once again packed up and moved its bits'n'bytes to a new hosting facility. All hosted sites are in the process of being moved and should soon be able to enjoy the joys of improved performance and reliability. This post marks the start of the process, by confirming that eVirtus!net now is being served from a new location.

CP upgrade 2008.10.21

There's been discovered some potentially harmful bugs and security vulnerabilities in the newly installed version of H-Sphere. Parallels have released an update that addresses most of these new issues, which, due to the severity of the issues, will be installed later tonight. Again this mostly will affect the CP, though some downtime for other servers will occur.

CP upgrade 2008.10.05

On Sunday the 5th of Octover the CP will be upgraded to the latest stable release version of H-Sphere (version 3.1 patch 1). For the most parts this only affects the Hosting CP and webmail access, though some downtime for other servers will occur.

SparkCMS 0.3.37

After successfully testing the changes here at eVirtus!net, all servers powered by SparkCMS have been updated to version 0.3.37. The update fixes a few bugs and annoyances, comes with a few UI tweaks and adds some functionality to the link dialog.

SparkCMS 0.3.36

After successfully being tested here on eVirtus!net for about 30 hours, version 0.3.36 of SparkCMS was rolled out a little while ago. Togheter with a couple minor tweaks to the UI, this version adds functionality to specify when an item was published.

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