SparkCMS 0.3.37

After successfully testing the changes here at eVirtus!net, all servers powered by SparkCMS have been updated to version 0.3.37. The update fixes a few bugs and annoyances, comes with a few UI tweaks and adds some functionality to the link dialog.

SparkCMS 0.3.36

After successfully being tested here on eVirtus!net for about 30 hours, version 0.3.36 of SparkCMS was rolled out a little while ago. Togheter with a couple minor tweaks to the UI, this version adds functionality to specify when an item was published.

SparkCMS 0.3.35

A few hours ago version 0.3.35 of SparkCMS was rolled out. Most importantly this release contains fixes for some bugs and annoyances that had snuck into SparkCMS, though I'm happy to report that it also introduces compatibillity (for the RTE) with Opera 9.5.

SparkCMS 0.3.34

As sites hosted by eVirtus!net have been migrated to new servers, they've also been migrated to version 0.3.34 of SparkCMS. Nearly no new features or functionality, basically it just has some tweaks to facilitate/ease the transition to the new servers.

SparkCMS 0.3.33

After about two weeks of testing most CMS related changes and a couple of days testing the last changes to the RTE, SparkCMS 0.3.33 was rolled out a few hours ago. Moslty a continuation of the ongoing "cleanup efforts", it does however come with some nice tweaks and small new features.

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