Microsoft's dead maps

Again the logic escapes me; why use a lot of resources to develop a great looking and useful web service, then hinder adaption by adding artificial barriers. Again Opera users are erroneously told by Microsoft their browser can't do things it certainly can, this time they've seemingly also tricked the BBC to help spread their FUD.

Let's have a war

A yellow smiley faceFrom the department for news I didn't think we'd receive this year, comes word from Redmond that not only is Internet Explorer still in development - it passes the Acid2 test! Great news that totally took me by surprise. Kudos and congratulations to developers on the IE team! This is a huge first step towards turning IE into a standards compliant browser.

json-feed flickr badge

Thumbnail with flickr watermark and mouse pointerAlthough flickr provides some great services, their "badge" leaves a lot to be desired. Basically I just want something that validates, provides some basic configuration options and is fully styleable through CSS. Not finding a suitable replacement (coupled with the fact that I needed to find solutions to some of IE's js quirks anyway), I decided this would be a good opportunity to expand on my js abilities.

Leefe Meps, bork bork

There's been some buzz lately about the updated Live Search Maps. Up until now I haven't been able to see it, something I figured was due to internationalization issues. Though after reading the comments to Scoble's recent post, I decided to look into it again; Turns out it's just Microsoft harassing (blocking) Opera users (again).

The value of links

While the rest of the world is busy fighting spam, several (more or less) credible sites have given up the battle and instead begun spamming themselves. I would have been perfectly ok with this self-destructive behavior hadn't been for one innocent victim; the hyperlink.

On reinventing HTML

There's been a lot of talk lately about the future of HTML, what, by who and how any new developments should be implemented. The discussion escalated with the realization that we still need HTML and the WHATWG asking for comments. These are my initial thoughts on the subject...

The Eolas Wreckage

One of the more annoying developments with web browsers the last few years, is the "Click here to activate" feature for plugin content. Something that for the average user may just come across as poor UI design, is actually an example of how stupid software patents can be.

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