Wasting ink?

Although this site show very little proof of it, I've been thinking a lot about printing websites lately. How, if at all, our beloved digital media should relate to its analog cousin, if people print anything from the web, if these printouts serve any purpose or if its just wasting ink. Then deciding to take a stab at making printouts more accessible and more valuable.

A List Apart 4.0

A List Apart may quite possibly the best source of information for web designers and developers, as such I was becoming a bit worried given that the last issue dates back to the 24th of may. Well, issue #201 is out and the magazine for people who make websites have received a stunning makeover.

AdSense disarray

I've been wondering a bit about the expenses related content feeds lately, so I was a happy when Google announced they'd deliver AdSense for feeds. I figured it could be a method of recouping some expenses if things became popular. Not so much anymore, now that I've clicked an aggregated ad.

Seeking accessibility

Bob Easton recently unveiled his new blog, Access Matters, which focuses on developing and designing web accessibility. The blog aims to uncover a collection of best practices for making web sites more accessible.

Ahead of the game

Beta 3 of Opera 8.0 was released earlier today. The changelog reveals quite a few changes since the last beta, some minor UI adjustments, new security features and the usual bug fixes. However, the big news this release is the native support for SVG (SVG 1.1 Tiny to be exact). Making Opera the first browser with support for SVG!

Google malarkey

A few years ago Microsoft devised, tested and eventually stopped their "Smart Tags" initiative. MS pulled the plug after massive protests from website authors who were (rightfully) outraged by MS' plans to alter their content by adding additional links. Four years later, Google wanders down the same path and introduce "AutoLinks"...


I've stumbled upon (what could considered to be) a new CSS-hack for serving rules to IE only. The hack takes advantage of IE's known problem with multiple class selectors, and uses it to provide an easy way to create IE-only rules in style sheets.

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