Lead, don't follow

Goggle, Yahoo! and MSN Search all have announced that they'll support the "rel=nofollow" tag/attribute as a way of identifying "untrusted" links on a website. Basically telling the search engines that they shouldn't weight that link when calculating a site's ranking.

ASP grAvatars

I've been caught completely of guard by the amount of blogs adding support for avatars recently, from (for me) completely unknown bloggers to people on that famous a-list. Initially it struck me was that both hackers and the not so tech-savvy bloggers started implementing this feature at about the same time, without any official support for avatars in their blogging packages. Then (via Neil Turner) I stumbled upon the solution; gravatars, or rather Globally Recognized Avatars...

Basic IE helpers

When developing websites, the fact that IE currently is dominating the browser market really is a mystery. It's the browser with the most bugs and least exiting features, its support for standards is crappy at best and there are way better free alternatives. I haven't really used any advanced features of the other browsers yet, problem is that IE fails at even the most basic stuff such as PNG images, abbr tags and CSS pseudo elements. So we need to give IE some help...

(Un-)pretty colors

Creating a CSS design always has that little element of chaos, not being sure it you've got the right selector or not. A smart little trick is to start of by setting the background color of all the different elements. This way you'll be able to check that all selectors are correct, as well as having a simple way of telling them apart.

Dynamic relations

I really like the idea of relational notation for links, used correctly this could be is a powerful tool for creating user friendly and more accessible web sites. On this site I've mostly been using them to indicate external links (and optionally opening them in new windows), as such it was an area of this site with obvious room for improvement.

Happy browsing

I wanted to include some "I support" and "I use" buttons on this site. You know, the 80x15 pixels kind of button, advertising anything from the license information, W3C validation to what kind of music you listen to. As I wanted to include several of them but avoid plastering them all over the place, implementing them in a simple slide show seemed to be a good idea.

Valid block quoting

For one or another reason; I've never used the <blockquote> tag that much. After writing about the not so open web earlier today, I noticed that some of my pages suddenly didn't validate anymore. The blockquotes was to blame...

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