About editing old posts

I'm about to break one of the unwritten rules of the blogosphere code of ethics, so I thought a heads up was in order; I'm about to edit some of the older posts found in this blog! As I can already hear most of you (all three) screaming "no", I can reassure you that I won't edit anything other than markup and the occasional spelling mistakes.

For the most part I'll be editing markup for some of <quote>, <code> and <u> tags. As you've probably guessed I'm doing an effort to have all parts of this site validate. I'll also do some minor changes to a couple of links, redirecting them through a "Google PR" nullifying script.

As I'm not changing the meaning of any content in any post, I'm wont create individual update notes on the posts. If I do change something that can be interpreted as modifying the contents of a post, I'll mark it by using <ins> and <del> tags.

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