Requests without responses

For the second day in a row my internet connection really craps out. Although it isn't completely down as it was yesterday, it is unbelievably slow, has loooong response times and in reality completely useless.

Opera's toolbar revealing that I've waited 11 minutes for Google...Right now I'm waiting for the results from a query on Google. Normally something that would be returned almost instantly after pressing the submit button, currently I've been waiting 11 minutes and 46 seconds for a response. There's no problem with Google's servers, as other sites are just as unresponsive, it's the freakin' internet connection that's decided it's enough for the day.

On a whim I decided to follow the same procedure as before; send T&B Hansen an email, receive bounce message, print the email and then finally deliver it to their associated store here in town. Don't know if they've received my letter or not, as I've yet to receive either confirmation nor a response. They have however addressed the major issue in that letter and finally I have an ISP that's able to receive email!

Now, if they just could provide some answers and fix the outages everything would be fine!

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