Introducing the elephant

Although I haven't blogged about it, this site has been running on version 0.3.2 of Spark CMS since the 23rd or December. With todays update to 0.3.3 I though I'd share some of developments that has found it's way into the code since the blog update on the 6th of December. Though I'm still a bit sloppy making changelog entries, I'll do my best to give you a quick summary of the most important changes and additions...


This release is probably the single most significant update yet and probably deserved a more severe bump of the version number than it got. The reason I haven't blogged about it, and probably why it didn't get a major version number bump, is that I was rushing things a bit to catch a train to Hamar (where I spent the Christmas holidays).

It is the first version that completely separates configuration from code on all levels. Although it wasn't that many options that still resided in the code, this should make it easier to keep track of things and significantly simplify the process of rolling out updates. Furthermore this also makes it possible to configure a few standard messages that previously just was fixed values.

The server side caching function received an overhaul and a couple of new features. Output from several module types may now be individually cached, removing the need to constantly query the database for certain types of semi-static information (such as menus and author information). Related to this is also a drastically improved file handling routine that should improve system performance a bit.

A cool blue elephant - The PostgreSQL logoThe most important update though is the move to new database back-end. Initially I hadn't planned to do this yet, but the sites increased popularity made it necessary to do this now. After a lot of research and testing I decided to go with PostgreSQL, an open-source ORDBMS with many advanced features, renowned for being very reliable.


This release really only consists of one update; I've fixed a minor issue with tooltip (title) display for titles in aggregation mode (and removed the fixed separator character). Beside this I've done some general code cleanup and refactoring and lastly saved about 7kb converting some "8x space" to tabs.

Looking ahead

I hope to have both commenting and author/user profiles ready in the next few days, hopefully I'll it will be fully implemented by the end of the week. Though I'm currently working on a couple of other things as well, so you should be to surprised if this is pushed back and other functionality is announced before this...

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