Microsoft patches several vulnerabilities

Just relax, I'm not about to turn this into a security related blog. However I felt it was necessary, especially in light of yesterdays post, to follow up on Microsofts recent security bulletins. The bulletins offer patches for the most critical issues raised in Secunia's original advisory, though some vulnerabilities are still unpatched and the security rating for IE is unchanged at "extremely critical".

As this vulnerability affects IE on several platforms, the easiest way to get the correct update is by visiting WindowsUpdate or enable the automatic update feature of Windows. If you'd like more detailed information about the individual updates, you'll find this in security bulletins MS05-001, MS05-002 and MS05-003 at Microsoft TechNet.

With the first security bulletin of the year the "Malicious Software Removal Tool" also debuts, a small tool witch only purpose is to remove prevalent viruses and worms from infected systems. IEBlog carried the the following writeup about it:

Microsoft also released technology on Windows Update today that helps remove malicious software from your system if it has been infected. The Malicious Software Removal Tool is mainly targeted at consumers (...)

Though it's a fairly limited tool, I was positively surprised by this release. Hopefully users with infected system will get to it, users that might not know they're infected and doesn't run any other kind detection or removal utility.

The malware removal tool is available via WindowsUpdate (incl. automatic updates), online scan and as a separate download. It currently targets eight widespread threats (Berbew, Blaster, DoomJuice, Gaobot, MyDoom, Nachi, Sasser and Zindos) with updates scheduled to follow Microsofts regular security bulletin releases (2nd Tuesday of each month).

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