A customizable structured system

Another update of Spark CMS have founds it way onto our servers. Although there's no ground breaking new features this time either, there are some new features and improvements to accompany the (minor) bug fixes.

The bug fixes all relates to the art of generating valid output. Firstly a bug which caused some <title> tags to invalidated has been fixes, secondly a similar bug which caused some <ul> lists to fail validation have been fixed. Both bugs only manifested themselves i certain configurations with certain types of content (percent symbols). A bug which caused document "info-box's" to prematurely close have also been fixed.

There's some minor changes to the schematic nature of pages. Hopefully usage of classes and identifiers makes a bit more sense, it should also be somewhat more consistent for different types of content.

All new features are, except for a couple additional output methods for page titles, related to the blog portion of the CMS. There's a few new general output methods, these are defined/static content and a couple additional "manipulation-before-output" methods. The info-box has several new options, including post category, configurable author info and addition of static text elements. The last noteworthy addition is that display/output order of all blog elements may now be completely configured. This change should facilitate CSS-layouts that require specific ordering of the markup to be applied.

As I wrote ten days ago; I hope to have both commenting and author/user profiles ready in the next few days. Hopefully I'll it will be fully implemented by the end of the week.

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