Commenting policy

Basically it's pretty simple; Be respectful, add value and don't spam. As the owner of this site I reserve the right to delete any comments that break these simple rules or otherwise can be considered to be useless or distasteful. If you understand those rules, please feel free to comment. If you're left with any questions, please read the rest of this document for further explanations.

This document is a work-in-progress; Please check back for changes... 

Be respectful and polite

Personal attacks, flaming, name-calling, racist or otherwise just abusive comments are not accepted. Any comments considered to fit such descriptions will be deleted without any further consideration or hesitation.

Add value, not annoyances

Stay on topic, occasional diversions may be tolerated when there's some sort of meaning to it. Refrain from posting the typical "one liners" (e.g. "OMG! first!!!" or "me too!!!!"), they seldom add any value and mostly just serves as an annoyance. Unsolicited commercial comments (commonly referred to as "comment spam") or comments otherwise made with the sole purpose of advertising a particular website or service is not (in any form) accepted.

Anonymity and contact details

Anonymous comments are accepted, though generally some sort of identifying information is appreciated. Basically it's just nice to know who I'm talking to, but sometimes it's also nice to rule out any affiliation to services/products being discussed. IOW; If you feel the need to be anonymous, you can choose to be. However, you're hereby warned that my threshold for deleting questionable comments are considerably lower when submitted by anonymous posters.

You can supply your email address and still retain your anonymity, none of the contact options will reveal your true email address to other users of this site. However, as the site administrator, I can see your email address (along with any other info you supply) from the administrative side of the site.

Who said what (or; Ownership and accountability)

Opinions expressed through the comments do not necessarily reflect the views and opinion of the article author. Ownership and accountability of comments stay with their respective authors, though they are considered be contributions towards the ongoing conversation may be quoted/used in future posts.

Deletion of comments

As the owner and administrator of this website I reserve the right to delete any comment that breaks with the policies. On second thought, although I hope I never have to delete a single comment, I actually reserve the right to delete all comments I feel are inappropriate on this site.

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