I've stumbled upon (what could considered to be) a new CSS-hack for serving rules to IE only. The hack takes advantage of IE's known problem with multiple class selectors, and uses it to provide an easy way to create IE-only rules in style sheets.

(Un-)pretty colors

Creating a CSS design always has that little element of chaos, not being sure it you've got the right selector or not. A smart little trick is to start of by setting the background color of all the different elements. This way you'll be able to check that all selectors are correct, as well as having a simple way of telling them apart.

Valid block quoting

For one or another reason; I've never used the <blockquote> tag that much. After writing about the not so open web earlier today, I noticed that some of my pages suddenly didn't validate anymore. The blockquotes was to blame...

Impressive vanishing act!

I might go totally ape-shit one day, but at the moment I've avoided the potential crisis. Once again it's IE's buggy rendering engine that's causing me problems, again nearly making me loose my few remaining marbles. Today, out of the blue, random headings across this site suddenly did an impressive vanishing act. The problem was that I really wanted them there, and in no way tried to make them disappear.

Revised css a behaviours

Ok, I might be slow... Just found David Baron's site and read "Notes on suggesting link styles" originally posted back in September 1999. Initially the article makes sense to me, the technique also solves a couple of (really anoying) problems with named anchors, so after a bit of reaserch I'm implementing a solution based on his article.

3-column layout draft

Finally it seems as though I've finished with my first larger CSS layout project. To rediscover the secrets of CSS I leaped into the work of creating my mandatory 3-column CSS design. I've worked with CSS designs in the past, but never created a CSS-only design, so this was meant to be sort of a "learning by doing" project. When starting I had some specific goals, most of which I think I got covered.

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