Raptor FA development on ice

If you hadn't guessed it already; the "Raptor FA" (feed aggregator) project have been put on hold, more or less indefinably. The reasoning for this decision is rather simple, I'm focusing my time and energy on developing the CMS.

Although I actually had a (somewhat) working application readily coded, I've decided to drop it (at least for now) and focus on the further development of Spark CMS. In reality it has been this way for a while and it was always meant to have the main focus anyway. Basically I wouldn't been able to put in the time to further develop and support an application of this kind, at least not without my other projects suffering from it, and as such the decision was easy to make. Especially the thought of having application "out there" but not being able to fully support, made this an unthinkable option.

Personally it isn't a total loss, I'll probably be able to incorporate a fair amount of the code and techniques for aggregation in my publishing software, and I've also learned a great deal about how different feed formats work, especially when it comes to "304/Not modified" and incremental building/serving of syndication feeds.

This probably won't matter that much though; feed aggregators seem to be the new Notepad replacement and just about everyone is developing one to say "Hello World". As such, there probably won't be a shortage of options anytime soon. If you're searching for something to handle your feeds, I'd suggest looking at either RSS Bandit or Feed Deamon.

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