AdSense, not that sensible

I've been wondering a bit about the expenses related content feeds lately, so I was a happy when Google announced they'd deliver AdSense for feeds. I figured it could be a method of recouping some expenses if things became popular. Not so much anymore, now that I've clicked an aggregated ad.

Thumbnail: Screen capture of AdSense senseless error message

You see, clicking the ad didn't take me to the advertisers site. All I got was a message informing me that an error had occurred, quite possibly caused by my web browser or email application not accepting cookies. The error message even suggests that I set IE as my default browser to remedy the problem (at least if I use Outlook or Outlook Express). How "1999"...

As far as the error message goes, it's pretty useless. I don't use IE, Outlook or Outlook Express and my browser of choice is eating cookies like there's no tomorrow. Though I'm pretty sure where the problem lies; I'm browsing with Opera while I use RSS Bandit to handle my feed subscriptions. Two different applications, two caches and no way of sharing a cookie between them (not that I'd actually want that!). Although the actual choice of applications might be something completely different, I'd imagine this type of setup to be rather common. As such; requiring that users have the same application for both aggregation and browsing just isn't good enough.

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