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50,000 people are dying, needlessly, every day of extreme poverty. At this year's G8 summit meeting, it is within your power to put an end to this tragedy. It is an extraordinary opportunity which it would be shameful to ignore.

The Long Walk To Justice is the symbolic journey of millions of people across the world to show the G8 leaders that the world is watching and waiting.

Ahead of the G8 Summit, those that can, will make their way to the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, to show the leaders of the world's richest nations in person, that they must act to stop the scandal of extreme poverty now.

At the G8 summit a workable plan to double aid, drop the debt and make the trade laws fair will be presented. Providing our generation to be the one generation that made poverty history. In other words; We have an unique opportunity to force change upon the world we're part of. Today. Now...

To the 8 most powerful leaders in the world

We urge you to take these 3 steps to make extreme poverty history...

  1. double the aid sent to the world's poorest countries,
  2. fully cancel their debts,
  3. change the trade laws so that they can build their own future.

Head over to and sign the One declaration! Let eight of the most powerful leaders in the world know what you think of the way they're governing the world, governing our world.

If you can't make it in person you can still play a big part in the long walk. Visit or to learn how you can make your voice heard!...

Make poverty history!

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