T&B Hansen revamps their offering!

Ok, so I'll have to admit that I've given T&B Hansen a rather hard time for their unresponsiveness to my email inquiries. Even though they still aren't replying to my emails, they're doing some things I really appreciate as well, so here's some well earned praise.

First of all I really enjoy being a customer at a local/smaller company. When calling them there's an actual human being that picks up the phone in the other end. Not the dreaded "press 1 for..." kind of automated service. No phone-queue with synthetic music and constant reminders by a psychotic voice that you're waiting. No need to repeat what you said to "that other guy" the last time you called (often just minutes ago). Instead you're met by a kind, polite and helpful human voice who knows where you're at and what local conditions apply. As this kind of service is becoming increasingly rare, it's something that's really appreciated.

This was furthermore enhanced when we experienced some problems with sporadic disconnections a while back. Within hours of contacting T&B, someone was at the door with a new cable modem. A couple of days later I received a phone call from their CEO. He'd been monitoring our connection and the problems were still occurring from time to time, and he informed med that they'd further investigate the problem. A couple of hours passed and the doorbell rang, to my surprise two technicians from T&B was at the door. The technicians spent a couple of hours at our/around our place, located a minor rift in the cable that goes into our house, and (after locating it) fixed it within minutes. How's that for customer service? I for one think it's outstanding. Superior service that really distinguishes them from what I've experienced from the nationwide providers.

The real kicker

A couple of days ago, when both uploading and downloading some rather large files, I realized that something was different with our Internet connection. The downloads (Bitterest Pill and DailySourceCode podcasts) was pushing 150kbps, while the upload (a database uploaded to a web server) was achieving speeds of around 30kbps. At the same time I was loading a couple of websites and my feed aggregator was updating, both at normal speeds, so the total speed were definitely much faster than what I've become used to. So out of curiosity I ran a speed test (against a server within our "home network") which gave very good results, actually so good I didn't think they could be correct (remember I was still both up- and downloading files). So I decided to run a second test against a server located elsewhere. The results - nearly unbelievable. Just take a look at the screen shot below.

Table with speed results from DslReports.com, I'm just above the 1mbit barrier

With several bandwidth claiming operations running, against a server located overseas; the result was just above the 1mbit barrier. Way beyond what I was expecting. I initially figured somebody had accidentally flicked a switch, temporarily disabling any restrictions on our lines and that it soon would be restored to normal. As several days passed and further tests confirmed the higher speeds, I actually became a little bit worried. Not because of the actual speeds, they were very much enjoyable, but more as to what this could mean. Then we received a bill for our connection and with it a pleasant surprise; a small note informing us that they'd doubled our speeds with no increase in costs!

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