On clicking buy

Having just read that we [as in Norway] are looking to change our intellectual property right law (possibly by adapting IPRED) to help fight illegal file-sharing, news reached me that NPR were streaming Danger Mouses latest album. A couple of songs into the album I decided to buy it...

Useless features

Hard to describe really, how the tiniest amount of snow changes things.

Heavy transport

Closeup of a snail crawling along a wooden fence, in the background a (blurry) truck can be seen moving in high speed.

Congratulations on (...)

Clippy, the Microsoft Office Assistant (3 animation states)Admittedly I've been sitting here for a while. Thinking of what to write about and how to write it. Staring at the insertion point. Waiting to see if a sudden burst of creativity would hit me. Not sure what I was expecting, but nothing appeared. I did however spend a few moments contemplating what my reaction would be if that blinking little line morphed into something like Clippy. (Scary stuff!) Did this a while back as well, not so much pondering about Clippy as I tried to find a way to restart my blog. Didn't find a clever post then, neither did I today. So instead I'm just typing to see where it gets me...

Using webmail for mailtos

The latest Opera 10 snapshot comes with a nice feature that lets you use webmail services as handler for mailto links. While I normally use Thunderbird, the ability to open mailto links directly in the webmail interface will definitively be useful in certain situations. One problem to solve first; my email provider(s) aren't available by default.

Dilbert, the entrepreneur!

In what's likely the least covert product placements in, well, the history of life, the universe and everything, Scott Adams have during the last three strips had Dilbert secure venture capitol and launch a web service. The twist being that the service actually is launching outside the comic. I took the bait1 and dutifully directed my browser to DilbertFiles.

End of the year reboot

Ok. So once again I've neglected my blog. I need to stop doing that. But first I need to start posting again. So for the last few days I've been trying hard to find the right post to restart the blog. Though I haven't found anything suitable, so instead I give you this; The absolutely extraordinary "I'm back again" post...

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