Sick, Sunday, Online

After several weeks with a really crappy internet connection, we've experienced both good speed and stability the last couple of days (*knocks on wood*). I've actually been able to send and receive email, read blogs and get my daily dose of current events! Might sound like the most trivial thing in the world, but with the recent problems we've been experiencing this really is a big thing...

We haven't heard anything from T&B Hansen, even though the promised to contact us "over the weekend", nevertheless there's been a remarkable improvement in both speed and stability the last couple of days. Hopefully it'll stay this way.

Haven't been able to do much work though, as I have caught a cold and really aren't able to do anything sensible. In reality this cold has been creeping around in my body for the past week, but I haven't really been bothered by it up until now. Presently I just walk around in a zombie like condition, constantly taking clothes on/off due to a broken thermometer (read fever). Add a sore throat and a running nose, and all I'm really capable of is watching tv...

All the same, I've started working on the site again. Right now I'm working on implementing a IM status notification feature on the site. I've got a basic system working, so it's currently looking good. Hopefully I'll be ready to present some improvements already early tomorrow, which I'll be the first to admit doesn't demand that much.

That's it. I'm heading back to the couch and tv to see the rest of The Siege, a movie of which the first half wasn't that entertaining. Although a recent years (terror and war) events have made it frighteningly more current (and to some degree realistic) than it was in 1998 when it was released...


  1. Bad movie / shitty connection

    • The Siege turned out to be a classic CIA vs. FBI vs. Military vs. Untitled Agency action flick, where the problems could/would have been solved if the different agencies communicated to begin with. In the end we had moral, heroes, bad guys, martyrs and surprisingly open criticism of the way the United States treat people, but nevertheless a movie not worth watching as we've seen it all before...

      Oh, and at 00:35 our internet connection became rather unresponsive again. Most connection attempts simply time out, when it doesn't it takes about four minutes to download html only of Google. When working, we have an internet connection with a whopping speed of 0.73kb a minute! Guess I should have kept my mouth shut... ;-)

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      • evirtus
      • on the 18th of October 2004 at 04:12
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