Problems & lack of service

There are problems with the internet connection again. The last few days minor glitches and outages have become more frequent, and at times the connection have been really sluggish. There's been the occasional disturbances on our TV signals as well. To top it off, presently both have been out/down for several hours.

Firstly I must correct an error from my post from October where I (mistakingly) wrote that they were relocating to Sørumsand. Although they moved their communications central here, all office staff remained at Lørenfallet. Also, when in the self conscious state of mind, I must give T&B Hansen some credit for fixing the problems I blogged about back then. Although it took some time (and a lot of nagging) I got a new modem, this facilitated the move to a new net/system, which fixed the most severe problems (the semi-daily, hour long outages).

Past problems

Enough apologies and soul searching - lest get back on topic; I live in a rather small place called Sørumsand, it has a train station, a postal office, a few stores (20+ maybe) and a few thousand inhabitants (it's not even a city ;-). As such, when we first moved here, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was a local cable (TV) provider that also delivered internet connections. When we first contacted them they were very nice, very helpful and the price they were asking wasn't that bad. Within days(!) we had a working internet connection at our place.

For the first months everything was just fine. There was the occasional outage, but never something major or long lasting. Sometime around May things shifted, the stability of the connection dropped and complete outages became more frequent, then in June it seems as though all hell broke loose with outages and problems that lasted for days. At this point I paid them a visit and had a nice long talk with the owner. He supplied both a short term solution (a temporary replacement modem on a different system) and reassured me that they were doing everything withing their powers to fix the recent problems (switching provider and upgrading their system). For a while everything was working ok, but then sometime around September the outages became more frequent again. These problems where finally fixed when we received a new modem (as mentioned above), and up until now everything has been working satisfactory.

Present problems

The last few days we've had severe problems with our connection again. Mostly the problems have been unbelievably slow response times, but as mentioned above, there's been several long lasting outages as well. As this isn't a life threatening issue, I could have been able to accept this. I could have, if it just hadn't been for T&B Hansen's complete lack of service.

As it's an hour passed midnight I can't phone them up to inform them about the problems, understandably and something I don't have any problems accepting. So what about emailing them (which I could do from my cell phone)? Well since September I've tried to email them four times, only to receive a bounce message from their postmaster informing me that they're over their storage limit(!). This is something I made them aware of (by phone) around the mid of September, but it seems as though they haven't been able to resolve this issue. In an effort to trigger a response from T&B Hansen (on the issues raised in the emails), I've printed the emails and personally delivered them to their associated store her in town. Guess what, a week has passed and I haven't received any response.

Lack of service

Google results for a search on T&B Hansen...I do suspect that I'm not T&B Hansen's favorite customer, and they probably know that they aren't my favorite company in the world. Maybe they've even noticed that the top results of a Google search on their company name is my previous rants about their lack of service. Nonetheless, I am their customer and I do pay them money to provide me with a service. As such I do expect service beyond the point of having an internet connection only when it's working and receiving bills every other month.

I don't expect them to start publishing a status blog, send out notices about issues or anything like that, although any of them would be great. I do however expect to receive some sort of reply to direct inquiries about problems and outages. If nothing else than a one line email saying something like "we are aware of the issues and are working to resolve them", I could even live with "we are not aware of any issues" replies. What I don't tolerate is the silent treatment, as ignoring the problems wont make them go away.

To me it's a completely mystery how they (and other companies) do not discover and take advantage of the value in communicating with their customers. Personally I'd be at least ten times more inclined to accept problems (and completely overlook minor issues) if I knew that they were working on a fix. I have no documentation for this, but I do assume that I'm not the only person who is like this...

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